Portable dry herb vaporizers are small personal devices designed for vaporizing cannabis. They have an internal oven that heats up cannabis at precise temperatures to produce vapor. Vaping dry herb a few years back would have required a much larger desktop unit. These days, there are so many great pocket-sized vapes and weed pens, giving you the freedom to vaporize your dank nugs anywhere you go. There are quite a few benefits of vaping versus smoking weed.

Some of these vapes are all-in-one units that are capable of vaporizing dry herb and waxy concentrates. Finding the right one for you can be very confusing, with literally over hundreds of options to choose from. Here are the best portable weed vapes currently available right now based on years of reviews and research.

If you’re not sure where to start, you’re in luck. Listed below are 10 of the best vaporizers on the market that we’ve tested to the highest limit.

  1. PAX 3 [9.8]The PAX quickly became the iPhone of portable weed vaporizers. Now It has more airflow, faster heat-up times and a Bluetooth app for dialing in your exact temperatures. The PAX 3 is a compact and stylish all-in-one device capable of vaporizing dry herb and herbal extracts. It’s a durable and dependable daily driver.
  2. Mighty [9.6]
    The Mighty is a portable device that vapes like a desktop unit. It has a very unique aesthetic, resembling a power tool more than a vaporizer. The Mighty is a bigger and better version of the popular Crafty. It does a great job at evenly baking your fine to medium ground herb to produce up to 15 puffs per session.
  3. Arizer Solo II [9.3]The Solo II has an ergonomic design that feels great in the hand. It has a bright screen, a menu system for adjusting your settings and is constructed of quality materials. The Solo heats up fast and delivers great flavor due to an all-glass vapor path. It has a durable feel and is covered under a two-year warranty.
  4. Firefly 2+ [9.1]The Firefly 2+ builds on the success of the Firefly 2. It now has a larger battery capacity, an innovative new airflow system, and its signature on-demand convection heating system. The Firefly 2+ is extremely portable, efficient and good and minimizing strong odors. Ideal for solo sessions and micro-dosing.
  5. DaVinci IQ [9.0]The DaVinci IQ allows you to dial in precise temperature control settings. It also has a 51-light grid display and simple to use interface. The device is powered by replaceable 18650s, so you can swap them without missing a beat. Its vapor path is made entirely of ceramic zirconia for thicker clouds and even heating.
  6. Kandypens K-Vape Pro [8.8]The K-Vape Pro is the next generation of Kandypens dry herb vaporizers. It utilizes convection/conduction hybrid heating technology to provide the best of both worlds. The K-Vape Pro features four temperature settings, a half-gram ceramic heating chamber and comes with a lifetime warranty, so you’re set for life.
  7. Boundless CFC 2 [8.7]The Boundless CFC 2 is an excellent value. It holds up to a half gram of dry herb and heats up in less than 15 seconds, utilizing conduction heating to produce tasty clouds of vapor. The Boundless CFC 2 runs on a rechargeable 18650 battery and has an ergonomic form factor and is water pipe adaptable.
  8. Flowermate V5 Pro Mini [8.7]Flowermate is known for their innovative dry herb vapes. The Flowermate V5 Pro Mini is compact and pocketable. It has accurate temperature control abilities and utilizes medical grade materials. The V5 Pro Mini also has adjustable airflow to customize your draw. There is even an option for waxy concentrates.
  9. DaVinci MIQRO [8.5]The MIQRO is almost identical to the IQ. It’s 33% smaller and runs on replaceable 18350s so you can swap it out and continue vaping. It utilizes Smart Path technology and has fully adjustable temp control and a simple LED light interface. The MIQRO also features a ceramic zirconia airpath that produces tasty vapor.
  10. Linx Gaia [8.5]The Gaia is a luxurious all in one portable solution for vaporizing dry herb. It features an all quartz chamber that utilizes convection heating for effective vaporization. It heats up within 40 seconds and is made from top-quality materials. The Linx Gaia has a 2200 mAh battery and fits in the palm of your hand.