The Boundless CFC has a full range temperature control of 140°F-446°F(60°C-230°C), fully isolated air path, and is ultraportable for those on the go.  Also featured on the unit is an OLED screen indicating temperature level and battery life. After session is completed, the CFX will go into standby mode until the user holds the power button down for three seconds to start another session.
It is recommended to start at a lower temperature, around 350°F for legal herbs, and as the session progresses increase the temperature by a few degrees to find a comfortable range.

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The Boundless CFC utilizes a conduction heating system for herbal materials. It can hold up to 0.5g of dried herbs at a time. Possesses high quality as other Boundless vaporizers, the CFC is easy to use and provides precise temperature control.

Long battery life
The Boundless CFC has an internal 17650 battery, that can be charged using its micro USB charger. With a full charge that takes only 1.5 hours and will last up to 15 vaping sessions. It also has a 5-minute auto shut off feature to preserve battery life. Moreover, it has a pass-through technology which allows usage while the unit is charging as long as there is 25% of battery life remaining.

Sleek design
Measuring at 4.69 inches x 1.61 inches x 1 inches, the Boundless CFC Vaporizer features a modern teardrop design that makes it easy to hold as well as more space for the herbs! Its rubberized finish has a nice feel to the hands also adds to its durability.

Easy-to-use temperature control
With just a few clicks on the up and down buttons, the vaporizer heats up fast. You can see the temperature on display. Pressing both buttons at the same time will allow you to choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius readings. The vaporizer operates with a range between 140°F to 446°F.

Large heating chamber
The Boundless CFC Vaporizer boasts of a sizeable ceramic heating chamber that can hold approximately 0.5 grams of dried herbs. Utilizing a conduction heating system, it heats up in as fast as 20 seconds providing pure and flavorful vapors.


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